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Our third album "UnimaVerse" is now available in maximum quality in the downloads section. Enjoy!

[GO] review in "El Pozo de Stirling"
".....an authentic musical orgasm...as always, every track is a surprise...they are, without a doubt, the most `personal` folk band around.
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Rarefolk [GO] in itunes !


[GO] is the Sevillian band Rarefolk´s newest album, celebrating their 20th anniversary. In this 5th CD, the Andalusian sextet offers 12 tunes that clearly invite the listener both to move and also to meditate.

[GO] is a savage coexistence of styles in its purest state that has achieved a conceptual maturity of sorts. Its carefully-honed timbres and risky rhythmic counterpoints that fully define this "freestyle folk" title with which they were baptized, render this album their most integral work yet. The collaborations by Irish vocalist Cathy Jordan (Dervish) and Dee Armstrong (Kila) solidify the growing recognition of this band that goes beyond borders.

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